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I currently work as a Software Engineer at Eldon Technology in Steeton near Keighley. I'm working on a menu system for a device which runs linux. I have a bit of experience with patching and compiling kernels, the Linux start up process and in C and C++ programming.

I'm a warrented Scout Leader, and am currently the Leader of the Headingley Explorer Scout Unit. I'm also a member of the Scout and Guide Graduate Association. Before joining SAGGA I was a member of various SSAGO clubs, however being a member of SSAGO is not a pre-requisite for joining SAGGA, and neither is being a graduate for that matter.

I was the Secretary of the team planning GaSCiT 2003. This was a patrol camp for Scouts & Guides who would not get to go camping in 2003, and was fully supported to build confidence and skills in leaders and children alike.

I'm also friends with a bunch of reprobates who are mostly Doctor Who fans, and we meet when we can to talk about.... well mostly anything but Who. We are all excited by the new series involving Russel T Davies and Christopher Eccleston in 2005.

I am a member of the Liberal Democrats but my involvement so far hasn't gone much beyond paying my dues and delivering leaflets now and again. OK delivering leaflets a lot now.